Betting on the Little Guy: The Return of Blackberry in January 2013?

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android mobile phone. It’s a great productivity tool, and an even better entertainment device. However, as much as I have grown to respect and enjoy the android platform, I’m rooting for Research in Motion, makers of the legendary BlackBerry mobile devices to make a comeback in 2013.

The new BlackBerry devices scheduled for release in January 2013 are completely new devices with a completely new operating system. Not a single line of code from the older Blackberry 7 OS has been recycled. It’s very rare to see a team completely refresh their platform without any of the compromises inherent in supporting old software. I can think of only one other major company that has successfully transitioned to a new platform and that is Apple computer with MacOS X and iOS. If Blackberry can succeed they’ll combine their tremendous institutional knowledge of what makes people effective at getting things done with the newest, cutting-edge operating system. I say “if” because Blackberry has been delaying and missing release dates on the new platform for close to two years now. To follow the adventure and drama of their struggle (and hopefully successful rebirth), check out the following excellent Blackberry blogs:


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