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How do you honestly produce “review” content online?

My friend Heather publishes a mommy blog. She reviews both products she’s familiar with and products she’s never used before, which I imagine can be difficult. The interesting thing is that her reviews are based on content curation. She scavanges the web for other authentic reviews — particularly those found in forums which are not necessarily crawled by Google. The end result is an honest, interesting collection of information about a product from an author who has never used the product before. She never claims to have used the product herself, but she does save prospective shoppers hours of research time. Here’s an example of her latest review, which takes the Belly Bandit as its subject of research.

Do you write product reviews for products you’ve never personally used? If so, how do you approach the task?


Betting on the Little Guy: The Return of Blackberry in January 2013?

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S3 Android mobile phone. It’s a great productivity tool, and an even better entertainment device. However, as much as I have grown to respect and enjoy the android platform, I’m rooting for Research in Motion, makers of the legendary BlackBerry mobile devices to make a comeback in 2013.

The new BlackBerry devices scheduled for release in January 2013 are completely new devices with a completely new operating system. Not a single line of code from the older Blackberry 7 OS has been recycled. It’s very rare to see a team completely refresh their platform without any of the compromises inherent in supporting old software. I can think of only one other major company that has successfully transitioned to a new platform and that is Apple computer with MacOS X and iOS. If Blackberry can succeed they’ll combine their tremendous institutional knowledge of what makes people effective at getting things done with the newest, cutting-edge operating system. I say “if” because Blackberry has been delaying and missing release dates on the new platform for close to two years now. To follow the adventure and drama of their struggle (and hopefully successful rebirth), check out the following excellent Blackberry blogs:

Bowl Full of Giggles

Heather and I have launched Bowl Full of Giggles, a parenting blog, which promises to mix useful content with a different sort of perspective. Here’s a link to the latest post, which even Heather insists may be over-the-top in its dancing-baby-cuteness.

The site has some cool poll functionality and an interesting request-a-celebration feature. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any additional suggestions.

Introducing Acai Bowl Savvy…

I just made a new site,Acai Bowl Savvy available for public viewing.  It’s a custom child theme created on top of Headway Theme 3.0.  I modified a Kuler template and used a handful of plugins to handle the review functionality.  The CSS still needs some tweaking, but I think in a week or two the site should look about as good as the acai bowl recipes taste.

I have fond memories of heading over to Santa Barbara’s Backyard Bowls to voraciously scarf down an acai bowl every day after work several years ago.  I no longer live in Santa Barbara, but I still have an occasional intense craving for the sheer deliciousness that is a well-prepared acai bowl.  Given that it’s still a very, very warm August, I’m hoping some folks will be interested in how they can create a very nutritious ice-cream substitute.